In St John Virgin Islands to experience it you have to explore it!

st john at duskst john flowerst john sailboats
The time of day was just perfect to get this shot. Dusk in St John Virgin Islands and sailboats! Couldn't get any better! Click to enlarge photo.So many beautiful flowers to see in St. John. Caught this one near Mongoose Junction while shopping. Click to enlarge photo.Another great shot of dusk in St John. I could have taken so many at this time of day! Click to enlarge photo.

"So…’re in St John Virgin Islands now!  JUMP ABOARD for a great tour around this spectacular island. There’s so much to see and do now that you’re here, but 1st decide how you want to explore."

If it’s a car rental you need, no problem! If you want a taxi or a taxi tour, you’re in the right place!

Just to clue you in, taxis in St John probably aren’t exactly what you have in your head although you will find those too. Most are trucks that have been converted to have bench seats in the truck bed with a canopy over the top.

"Very fun for exploring… hold on to your hat and be off to explore!"

I have some specifics on St John taxis and taxi rates here for you, plus some important phone numbers just in case you need them.

Taxis in St John Virgin Islands will have a taxi sign on their roof and on their license plate will have the letters TP. Your driver will have identification on the dash board too. So be aware of these things so you know that you’re entering a legal taxi.

Good news is the rates for all taxis are pre-established so there’s no negotiating!

"I know I like that!"

Do ask the driver for the total fare before your off because there are additional charges for luggage, times from 12 midnight to 6am and waiting charges added on.

Be aware also that if you call ahead for a taxi and don’t just flag one down that there is what they call radio charges that are additional.

Tours can be arranged also. St John Taxi Association phone number is 340-693-7530 and C & C Taxi is 430-693-8164.

Any problems or questions you can call the Taxi Commission at 340-776-8294 Monday thru Friday business hours.

"Here are the current rates at the time of this print and all originate in Cruz Bay". The first rate listed is for 1 person and the second rate listed is per person if there is more than 1 person is in the taxi!

ANNABERG $18.00/$9.00

CANEEL BAY $6.00/5.00

CINNAMON BAY $9.00/$7.00

CORAL BAY $16.00/$9.00

HURRICAN HOLE $19.00/$13.00

MAHO BAY $18.00/$9.00

REEF BAY TRAIL $9.00/$7.00

TRUNK BAY $8.00/$6.00

WESTIN RESORT $6.00/$5.00

ZOOTENVAL $18.00/$12.00

"So now go out and explore beautiful St John and have fun!"

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