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Alterations, 642-2453


Stars Over St. John, 693-5849

ATM Locations:

First Bank, Cruz Bay, 340-774-0037

Scotia Bank, Cruz Bay, 340-776-6881

Starfish Market, 340-779-4949

Resorts also offer ATM’s


First Bank, Cruz Bay, 340-774-0037, Mon-Fri 8:30am-4PM, ATM

Scotia Bank. Cruz Bay, 340-776-6881, Mon-Fri 8:30am-4PM, ATM


Baked in the Sun, Marketplace, 693-8786

Best of VI 2008 Best Bakery and Best of VI 2008 Best Sandwiches

C & D Bakery, Lumberyard, 776-6675

Beaches: (Click this link please.) Bookstores:

Book and Bean, Marketplace, Cruz Bay, 779-2665

Campgrounds: (Click this link please.)

Car Rentals: (Click this link please.) Churches:

Emmaus Moravian Church, Coral Bay, 776-6713

Service-Sunday 9am

Nazareth Lutheran Church, Cruz Bay, 776-6731

Service-Sunday at 9am and 1030am

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, Cruz Bay, 776-6339

Service-Saturday 6pm and Sunday 730am and 930am

St Ursula’s Episcopal Church, Cruz Bay, 777-6306

Service-Sunday 715am and 1030am

Customs Service:

Cruz Bay, 776-6741


United States Dollar



Moore's Dental Care, 693-7557

St John Dental, 693-8898

Eye Doctors:

St John Eye Care, 779-2020


St John Chiropractic, 693-7100, Dr Bern W. Putnam

Drinking Age:

18 years old

Drug Stores:

Chelsea Drug Store, 776-4888, The Marketplace, Cruz Bay

Dry Cleaner:

Elite Dry Cleaner, Lavender Hill, 693-8741


110 Volts (same as N. America)



St John Rescue, 779-4247

Myrah Keating Smith Community Health Center, 693-8900, Route 10

Air Ambulance, 778-9177

Ferry Service: (Click this link please.) Fire Department:

Coral Bay, 921 or 776-6365

Cruz Bay, 921 or 776-6333

Flight Info: (Click this link please for more St John information.)


Passion Flower, Cruz Bay, 779-4587

Today’s Flower, Cruz Bay, 693-8015

Grocery Stores:

Groceries are appx. 25 % higher in price than the US.

Dolphin Market, Cruz Bay, 776-5322

Lily’s Market, Cocoloba, Coral Bay, 777-3335

Pine Peace Mini Mart, 693-8725

Starfish Market, The Marketplace, Cruz Bay, 779-4949


Pilates, 514-4208

Yoga with Irene, 779-4409

Caneel Bay, 776-6111

Westin Resort, 693-8000

Hair Salons/ Barber shops:

Beauty Lounge, Cruz Bay, 776-0774

Grapevine Salon and Spa, The Marketplace, Cruz Bay, 693-9040

Hairs 2 You, Coral Bay, 779-4820

Hotels: (Click this link please for more St John information.) Immigration and Naturalization Service:

Cruz Bay, 776-6397

Internet Access:

Computer Express, Cruz Bay, 693-2660

Connections, Cruz Bay, 776-6922

Connections East, Coral Bay, 779-4994

Surf Da Web, The Marketplace, Cruz Bay, 693-9152


English with Spanish/Creole


Kiroy’s Laundry, Cruz Bay, 693-8741

Santo’s Laundromat, Cruz Bay, 693-7733

Super Clean, Cruz Bay, 693-7333


Elaine Ione Sprauve Public Library, Cruz Bay, 776-6359


Tropical Odyssey, 776-9169


US Postal rates apply, UPS, Fed Ex and DHL available.

Post office, Cruz Bay, 779-4227, Mon-Fri 7:30am-4PM and Sat. 7:30am-12:30pm


There is island etiquette. Say Hello, Good Morning, Good Evening before you begin asking questions, wear a cover-up in public places, when driving pull over to the side when sightseeing and let others pass and honk horn when driving around corners you cannot see around.

Massage/ Spa:

Barb and Cary Massage, 693-5663

Massage Therapy by Suki, 693-5989

Healing Touch Massage, 626-2271

Nomadic Spa, 994-4898

Caneel Bay Resort,776-6111

Westin Resorts,693-8000


The NY Times and Miami Herald are delivered daily to St John. Also St John Tradewinds, St John Sun Times, Virgin Voice and the Daily News.

Caneel Bay Gift Shop, 776-6111

Sparky’s, Cruz Bay, 776-6284


Chelsea Drugstore, Marketplace, Cruz Bay, 778-4888

St John Drugs, Center of Cruz Bay,

Nude Beaches:

none, against the law

Passports: (Click this link please.) Pets:

Please check with USVI Customs Department.

Recompression Chamber-

(SCUBA) 776-8311 ext. 2226

Restaurants: (Click this link please.)

Shopping: (Click this link please.) Tap Water:

safe to drink


Sales Tax- 0

Hotel Tax- 8%

Taxi Tours:

Earl’s Taxi Tour, 693-9510

Time Zone:

Atlantic Standard Time, GMT-4 hours



Video/DVD Rental:

K2 Kaleidoscope Video, 715-0880

Villa Rentals (Click this link please.)

V.I. National Park (Click this link please.)

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